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Crossroads Community (the farm)

CROSSROADS COMMUNITY (the farm): San Francisco; Bonnie Ora Sherk was Founding Director, President 1974-80.

An early LIFE FRAME (beginning in 1974), resulted in CROSSROADS COMMUNITY (the farm) a life-scale environmental and social artwork that brought many people from different disciplines and cultures together with each other and other species—plants and animals. The Farm also involved extensive land transformation including the integration of disparate land parcels—all adjacent to and incorporating a major freeway interchange into a new city culture-ecology park. (It was one of the first inner-city Brownfield projects that The Trust For Public Land worked on.)

The Farm created a whole: a new City Farm Park and gardens, The Raw Egg Animal Theater (TREAT), community programs in art and environmental education, and the juxtaposition with the freeway monolith, creating a bucolic and vibrant contrast of nonmechanized and technological forms. It was an early LIFE FRAME—a sketch—a work of life-scale environmental performance sculpture, as well as being one of the first Alternative Art Spaces in the country, the home of a State pre-school, and the popular venue for school children of all ages during and after school, and on weekends.

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View Before (1974) and After (1983) Photographs of the Farm

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View Scenes From The Raw Egg Animal Theater (TREAT)
at The Farm (1976)

Art Installation of The Farm at Braunstein Quay Gallery 2005



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