Video of Early Life Frame Leading to A Living Library: Crossroads Community (the farm)


Enjoy this video about Crossroads Community (the farm), a pioneering, urban agriculture, environmental arts, education, and community gathering place that began in 1974.  Located in San Francisco in the crossroads of four, low-income, multicultural communities (Mission, Bernal Heights, Potrero Hill, Bayview) on 7+ acres adjacent to, and including the intersection of a major freeway interchange (101 at Chavez & Potrero), The Farm, was an early Life Frame*, and involved extensive land transformation including the integration of disparate, derelict, land parcels into a new city culture-ecology park at the convergence of three hidden Creeks – Islais, Precita, Serpentine.

TheFarmBefore&After1     TheFarmBefore&After2

The Farm educated people of all ages about ecology and natural, integrated systems, including the arts.  It was the home of farm animals, who lived in The Raw Egg Animal Theater (TREAT), organic vegetable and flower gardens, a human theater, and diverse community gathering places. It included a state preschool, a library, diverse performance spaces, farmhouse and kitchen, events, dances, community meetings, classes, other gatherings. Neighborhood residents, local schools, as well as the visual and performing arts communities, were invited to participate in The Farm’s interdisciplinary, environmentally oriented, multi-arts activities and educational programs.  The Farm was also one of the first Alternative Arts Spaces in the USA.
A Life Frame literally engages and frames life, so we can see it and experience it more profoundly.
Art installations on The Farm and A Living Library will be on view at the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, beginning December 10, 2013 as part of the international, Arte Util exhibition.  Stay tuned…

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