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Radio Interview With Bonnie Ora Sherk Features A Living Library & Islais Creek Watershed !

ViewIntoRedwoodCircleBouldersBonnie Ora Sherk was interviewed on KPOO FM, 98.5 on Connecting the Dots by Judy Drummond on August 28, 2014.  Bonnie Ora discussed A Living Library and all the Branch Living Library & Think Parks underway in San Francisco and New York City, and multiple opportunities to develop Branches around the world.  Listen to the Broadcast here ! In the interview,  she also talked about the Living Library Nature Walk, that is underway, and is a model for the whole Islais Creek Watershed, the largest in SF that interconnects eleven neighborhoods, that could eventually link community resources like schools, parks, public housing, streets, and other open spaces through development of a new, narrative landscape, with other features, including the daylighting of Creeks where possible.

Bonnie Ora Sherk Interviewed For New Video About A Living Library

Bonnie Ora Sherk was interviewed in the OMI/Excelsior Living Library & Think Park Lower Garden on August 8, 2014, by Starr Sutherland, who is shooting and editing a new video on A Living Library, for Producer, Patricia  Watts, Founder & WestCoast Curator for ecoartspace. This video will be shown on the ecoartspace website as a companion piece for a prior video interview with Bonnie Ora, in which she discusses her earlier art works, linked here.

Stay tuned to see the new video !   See pics below of Starr and colleague Matt, getting ready for the video shoot:


IMG_7444Bonnie in theOMI:ExcelsiorLivingLibraryLowerGarden_8.8.14



Two New Exciting Art Exhibitions Feature A Living Library & Bonnie Ora Sherk – In Italy and NYC !

RI Living Library & Think ParkFOODshed: Art and Agriculture in Action, curated by Amy Lipton at Smack Mellon Gallery in adorable Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY,  from June 7-July 27, features Bonnie Ora Sherk and A Living Library.  The exhibit focuses on New York artists who work with food and agriculture.  This exhibition features A Living Library, and specifically showcases an installation on the Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park. View more information about the exhibit on the Smack Mellon Website and ecoartspace blog.   Also read the FOODshed Press Release.

southpoint masterplan

uVJ7Frjozuqw5ZMQfgMepMmERf6MYy34upRHY0645CEBelow are views of the installation on A Living Library at Smack Mellon Gallery in NYC:

IMG_6798IMG_6812Another exciting exhibition that features Bonnie Ora Sherk's work with A Living Library and her earlier Life Frame,  Crossroads Community (the farm),  is in Turin, Italy, at Parco Arte Vivente (PAV).  The international exhibition, which opened on May 30 through November 2, is Vegetation As A Political Agent, curated by Marco Scotini and Andris Brinkman. The Museum has invited Bonnie Ora Sherk to visit Turin this fall, and explore with the Museum and local community, the opportunity to create a Turin Branch Living Library & Think Park

Please see press release, website, and installation views below:





A Living Library: Cultivating The Human & Ecological Garden – Presentation By Bonnie Ora Sherk

Please enjoy A Living Library:  Cultivating the Human & Ecological Garden, a Presentation by Bonnie Ora Sherk, Founder & Director ofLife Frames, Inc. A Living Library.


Bonnie Ora Sherk Invited To Present A Living Library In India in Two Cities !

Bonnie Ora Sherk recently traveled to India, where she was invited to present A Living Library in two different cities - Udaipur in Rajisthan, and Ahmedabad, in Gujurat -  by two different ecological groups:   Big Medicine Charitable Trust in Udaipur, and in Ahmedabad, by the Center for Environment Education.

Scenes from Haveli, (Old City), in Udaipur, Rajisthan, India

IMG_3770   IMG_3764


The Big Medicine Charitable Trust in Udaipur led by Rita Kubiak Dixit, Premilla Dixit Nag, and David Kubiak is undertaking large scale projects to help green this beautiful old City and bring it back to its more ecological roots.  They are looking to A Living Library and Life Frames, Inc. to help them in this effort and would like to bring A Living Library to Udaipur.  One of their strategies to engage more local residents and organizations around ecological issues and opportunities, is to present Shakti Sundays, in which diverse artists perform, and others present work to a large group of interested citizens from the area.  Shakti means energy in Hindi.

On the evening of March 2, as part of Shakti Sunday, Bonnie Ora Sherk presented A Living Library, translated in Hindi by Premilla Dixit Nag.   A.L.L. was very well received.  There is now great interest in developing a unique, place-based, Udaipur Living Library & Think Park in the area.  Funds will need to be raised to realize this exciting opportunity.

IMG_4573   IMG_4582


Bonnie Ora Sherk traveled next to Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India, to the Center for Environment Education (CEE), directed by Kartikeya Sarabhai, whom she met in Beijing in 2009, where they were both presenting at the 4th International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), sponsored by UNESCO, People's Republic of China, and Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences


CEE, the largest environmental group in India, has school programs and interpretation centers all over India and in other parts of the world. Their Main Campus in Ahmedabad, shown below, was originally a sand dune !

IMG_4844   IMG_4837

IMG_4853   IMG_4881

Bonnie Ora presented A Living Library to the large CEE Staff  introduced by Pramod Sharma, Director of CEE's School Programs, and met with staff and later, Kartikeya, to discuss ways of working together to promote ecological thinking and doing in India, the USA, and other parts of the world.   As a way to begin our collaboration, Life Frames and CEE will be linking A.L.L. students from San Francisco and New York City with those from different cities in India, so they can learn about their diverse cultures and ecologies.  Kartikeya Sarabhai is also directing the global, Earth Charter initiative underway now.


IMG_4896   IMG_4891

And, after the Presentation, all enjoyed a delicious, vegetarian Indian lunch !

IMG_4906_2     IMG_4911_2



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