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See Evolution of Life Frames – Video Produced By Bonnie Ora Sherk

Evolution of Life Frames, produced by Bonnie Ora Sherk in 2002, shows the evolution of her pioneering oeuvre showcasing many works including: Early Life Frames of Portable Parks 1-111 (1970),  Crossroads Community (the farm) beginning in 1974, to the most evolved, and inclusive series of Life FramesA Living Library - an ongoing public, ecological art work in diverse locations that she began in 1981.  

Evolution of Life Frames has been shown in art museums, galleries, and other venues worldwide. 


NYC: Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park Thrives


It was a busy week in July at the Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park.  The Eggplant and Squash are flowering and the Cucumbers and  Peppers are almost ready to pick. We survived a difficult heat wave in NYC, but the garden has emerged stronger and more lush.  Last week the students, staff, and volunteers worked very diligently caring for our RI Living Library & Think Park Garden.


photo13     photo8

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The students broke out into work groups and focused on essential tasks in the Garden. The Compost Group turned the compost, and made note of the diverse insect life growing therein. The Watering Team made sure to give each bed a good soaking to help withstand this heat. The Weeding Crew re-established edges and bed lines, and helped clean the sidewalk,  getting the weeds into the compost. And, finally the Planting Team planted more flowers in the flower bed, as well as five different types of greens. Boston Lettuce, Red Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Spinach, and Collard Greens were planted in our new Lettuce & Dark Greens Bed.  The youth also completed a Garden Design activity in which they pooled ideas for how best to design a garden, and illustrated their Dream Gardens with paper and colored pencils. 



Blog post submitted by Roosevelt Island Living Library &  Think Park Garden Teacher, Avi Nagel.


Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park Continues to Flourish & Inspire After Roosevelt Island Day

After Roosevelt Island Day, all the children from PS 217 came to inspect the newly planted RI Living Library & Think Park Garden.  Many had helped to prepare the beds and planted on RI Day.  Lots of new plants to see; many colors and textures; vegetables and flowers !  A vision to behold ! 


IMG_1840     IMG_1806

IMG_1803     IMG_1797

IMG_1791     IMG_1790

IMG_1786     IMG_1783

IMG_1782     IMG_1778 

Children cooled off from the heat looking up at the beautiful trees above them, and then drew the branching shapes they saw, led by Ms. Susan, our A.L.L. Teacher from last year (below).   Thank you, Ms. Susan for your wonderful dedication and hard work !

And, our new A.L.L. Teacher, Mr. Avi, talks with 5th graders, inspiring them to imagine any kind of special power they wish to have (above).  He will be working all summer with the Beacon students to care for their Living Library & Think Park Garden, creating interesting and fun learning projects for the children, and again in the Fall, with PS/IS 217 students when school begins again.

IMG_1769     IMG_1767

IMG_1755     IMG_1754

IMG_1752     IMG_1751

IMG_1750     IMG_1748 


Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park on Roosevelt Island Day, June 15, 2013

It was another great Roosevelt Island Day, on June 15, 2013 ! 

This year, scores of children and adults came together with A Living Library to plant the Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park.  A Living Library, led by Bonnie Ora Sherk and Life Frames, Inc. the non-profit sponsor of A.L.L.,  have been working with the community of RI since 2001.  

This Living Library Garden experience has gone on each year since since 2002 !  Very Auspicious ! 

And, please notice the pics of Reynaud watering the plants below.  He has done this each year since he was a PreK student at PS 217.  He is almost finished with High School now !

Thank you Doryne Eisley from Urban America and Steve Chironis from RIOC for helping to make this possible.  And, of course, thank you to the many children and adults who participated !  Stop by behind 504 Main Street, and enjoy the beautiful results !  If you would like to get your hands in the dirt, volunteers are also always welcome !!IMG_1683

IMG_1661     IMG_1666

IMG_1669     IMG_1671

IMG_1686     IMG_1687

IMG_1689     IMG_1691

IMG_1693     IMG_1695

IMG_1698     IMG_1700

IMG_1702     IMG_1705

IMG_1706     IMG_1735

IMG_1717     IMG_1709

IMG_1734     IMG_1731

IMG_1727     IMG_1723

IMG_1720     IMG_1718


PS 217 Students Help Develop Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park and Prepare for Roosevelt Island Day

It Was Very Rainy this Spring ! 

But, even so, the children braved the moisture, and all the Kindergarteners, First Graders, Third Graders, Fourth Graders, and Fifth Graders from PIS/IS 217 came outside and helped prepare the Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park behind 504 Main Street. 

This was done before Roosevelt Island Day, so on that special day, June 15th this year, the children and community could plant the Garden.  This has been done with A Living Library each year since 2002 on Roosevelt Island ! 

Another very auspicious accomplishment developed by the students of 217 for the whole community.IMG_1620

IMG_1630      IMG_1632

IMG_1634      IMG_1640

IMG_1643      IMG_1646

IMG_1647      IMG_1649

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