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Who Helped Grow This Beautiful Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park This Year ?

You've seen some pictures in the prior post of the beautiful RI Living Library & Think Park behind 504 Main Street.  See pics now of some of the hundreds of children from PS 217 who helped prepare and grow the garden last spring, even before RI Day on June 9. 

Take a look !  The children are marvelous and completely capable.  While learning science, math, and language arts, see what they accomplished during the school day !

And after Roosevelt Island Day, many classes returned to continue developing their Living Library & Think Park Garden !  

Some students created their Living Library Garden Journals observing the changes in the garden, reflecting on them and writing about what they were seeing.  Others developed a new garden bed, and some students planted seeds !

               And soon thereafter, this gorgeous Garden emerged !!!


Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park behind 504 Main Street

Our  Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park behind 504 Main Street is growing !  This year the environment became a gorgeous and wonderful learning landscape and beautiful ecological place for the whole community.

We began again in the early Spring with the students from PS/IS 217 and the Beacon and prepared for Roosevelt Island Day on June 9.  RI Day was a huge success !

Thereafter we worked all summer and into the fall with children and youth.  Our new A.L.L. instructor, Susan Benarcik, is a dedicated teacher, artist, and gardener and worked with the children from 217, The Child School, and the Beacon during the school day, after school, and all summer in a robust program that included gardening, making beautiful painted canvas signs, and over-sized insects as artworks.

Please enjoy some pics:



Time melts …..

Hello ALL !

So much has been happening continuously with our A.L.L. projects and multiple museum shows and talks, that I haven't had a chance to post updates on our Living Library Nature Walk, our Branch Living Library & Think Park community/school sites, and more.   I want to fill you in with as much as I can, so I will be posting several new entries.  The reportage may be out of sequence, but I hope you enjoy it anyway !

Picture above shows sweet boys in Berlin eating ice cream in their strollers on the street in the Mitte in August.  I was there for a big international museum show curated by Anne Kersten, called Hungry City, at the Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien that featured my installation on The Farm.

More later......


A Glimpse Of Our Roosevelt Island Living Library Garden In NYC This Fall:

A Glimpse Of Our Garden In Fall:

In some regions, gardeners are finding that it’s just too cold to be outside, but we've been lucky to have really mild temperatures, so we're not wasting any time mourning the loss of our summer's bountiful harvest. The kids have enjoyed working in the garden in the balmy, unseasonably warm weather we've been having.  It snowed once in October and has been in the 50s and 60s F since, so, the garden is still lush and green; quite unusual for this time of year here.  As the multitude of green hues of spring and summer fade, leaves begin to change golden, bronze and various shades of red with the crisp cool air and sunny shortened days. Fall showcases plants in a rich palette of gem tones— the deep regal purple eggplant, pale lavender crocuses and miniature violets, rich russet reds, the burst of orange, velvety maroons, sunny yellows, and amber-like golds.

Our compost pile has produced some beautifully rich, dark brown humus, which the squirrels have had the luck of digging through for seeds to fatten up for the winter.  The numerous birds have enjoyed the lettuce and corn seeds we've allowed to go to seed. The mulch has added a lovely golden color accent against the begonias, impatiens and marigold flowers, whilst keeping the weeds at bay and conserving soil moisture and heat. We've harvested seeds from our summer's bounty; cucumber, tomato, green pepper, and marigold, for starters.

The weather is getting cool, the sun is setting sooner and so, nights are getting darker, life is moving a little bit slower, and things are winding down in our summer garden.  Fall is the garden's closing act - the last big show of color before the long hibernation of winter.

Don't forgot to check out our photo journal for a glimpse into our garden and what we doOur Fall Living Library Garden Pictures



Cucumbers Were Popular This Summer !

We had a bumper crop of cucumbers this summer in our Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park Garden !

The kids really seemed to like them !! What do you think ???

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